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Seeing your following numbers dropping and not being able to do something can be mentally exhausting. It would be hard and time-consuming to search for who unfollowed you by hand, and even then if you have a large number of followers, you may not be able to do it at all. You may fill their void when you Buy Instagram Followers. However, this is why Socimania again presents you another free and handy tool to use on PC and mobile, Who Unfollowed Me on Instagram website.

With this new tool, you can see who unfollowed your Instagram account, and you can take action against people who do not wish to follow you anymore. You can unfollow them too, or leave them as they are if you think that will be suitable for the situation. 

There is no way for the target person to find out that you unfollowed them through our tool. Even if they had the chance, would they care? It was them unfollowing you in the first place after all.

who unfollowed me on instagram

Why People Unfollow Me?

There might be plenty of good reasons for someone to unfollow you, and you may not even know about these indicators. It can be due to a personal feud or a general irritation towards your utilization of the platform. Other than that, it may even be related to nothing at all! Maybe the person just didn't get that vibe from you.

Nevertheless, it would be wise to learn some tricks for maintaining your already established followers. Getting new followers is hard, but keeping their existence is even harder. You will continually have to prepare fresh and quality content for your followers to sustain their attention.


Hence, let's look at the reasons for someone to consider unfollowing you before you act to see who unfollowed me on Instagram.

  1. Lack of Engagement

    • People might find it easy to unfollow you because you return no engagement at all. All you do is post selfies, and wh, n someone genuinely likes your photo, you do not return the favor. As you know, Instagram is a social network, and it is based on the exchange of acknowledgment in the community. If you do not network with people, it is relatable that they unfollow you.

  2. Posting Too Little, or Not at All

    • If you are posting with two-month intervals regularly, you might find yourself out of followers very soon as people do not like to follow Instagram accounts with little to zero feed activity. Therefore, you should follow the good old advice and try to post at least twice or thrice a week to maintain your followers' attention.

  3. Begging for Compliments

    • If you are like one of those teenage girls who put captions like "Do I look fat, I am so ugly," you might feel a bit attacked. These captions and constant need for validation only makes things worse, and people the cringe takes shape, and nobody should cringe about you. Stop irritating your followers with the continuous bombing of attention-seeking behavior.

  4. Too Many Posts at Once

    • This is directly related to posting too little or not at all. In contrast, if you flood your feed with a bunch of followers in a single minute, the first thing on the people's mind won't be the elegance of your dress or the view on the Grand Canyon. They will think about unfollowing you at the first chance, and they may even do it right at that moment. You can use a scheduler app to organize your posts.

  5. Scandalous Photo and Video Quality

    • If your photos and videos look like they were taken with a potato, you are out of luck. Nobody wants to follow a person with a 144x144 photo resolution. First of all, it looks like you do not even care about the platform and your appearance. In this case, according to your followers, this situation says a lot about your approach to your responsibilities and outside life. Therefore, you should strive to get better equipment as soon as possible and take better photos to share with your followers.

  6. You Were Used...

    • This is not something directly related to you, but you are the target. Sometimes people follow other accounts, in the expectation of a follow-back. When they get their follow-back, they unfollow you in any case. Therefore, it does not matter much if you return them the favor and follow them. Unfortunately, there's nothing you can about these people, but you can spot one by a higher following number than followers.

  7. You Offend or Irritate People

    • It may be amusing to make fun of your political opponents; however, you should not expect a Democrat to keep following you if you are a Republican and you express your feelings about Trump freely. People judge each other for their life views. Therefore, it is important to keep politics and offensive humor out of social media for now.

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How Can I See Who Unfollowed Me on Instagram?

With this tool not only you can discover who is the person stopped that following you but you can directly unfollow them too. We all know how important it is to maintain a healthy following to follower ratio, and this tool is an excellent way of maintaining that balance.

The tool is entirely free to use, and like some third-parties, you do not have to give us your private information. Our tool does not need your password to function, and we advise you to stay away from these types of third-parties altogether.

Also, we do not ask for your payment information, or we do not bother you with some stupid surveys to complete. They are utterly meaningless to us, and all we care about is customer satisfaction.

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How to Free Check Who Unfollowed Me on Instagram?

If you experience any problems while using our free tool, you can reach our team of professionals via our chat system that is embedded in the bottom right corner of our web site. You can contact this 24/7 Live Support Team at any time of the day, and they will be eager to serve you.

  1. Load and open our page via an online web browser, 'www.Socimania.com.'
  2. Find and open our tool in our menus, 'Who Unfollowed Me on Instagram.'
  3. Type in your Instagram username to the designated field below on the page.
  4. Click on 'Check' to see who unfollowed you on Instagram instantly!
  5. From there, you can take action to remove those following as you wish.

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