Who Viewed My Twitter Account: How to Learn? (Updated – 2023)

Twitter is one of the most widely used social networks today. According to the main idea of Twitter, people follow each other, share information or opinions. That may cause you to ask: “who viewed my Twitter?”

Each Twitter user interacts with each other, likes or shares a tweet. Any Twitter user can see the number of followers of not inherently themselves, but everybody.

However, is there a way to possibly see who viewed your account? Well, there may even be people who stalk you regularly.

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Who Viewed My Twitter Account

Is It Possible to See Who Viewed My Twitter Profile?

Despite the fact that many users have a desire to know who is viewing their Twitter profile, today it is impossible.

On the Internet, there are many rumors and frankly false information on this topic.

Therefore, the main recommendation may be to use only official sources of information. In this case, such a source is the official Twitter Help Center.

  • Twitter does not share account browsing information with other users in any way.
  • Moreover, Twitter does not plan to develop and introduce this feature.
  • Twitter does not have an algorithm to identify those who visit and view the profile.

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Tweet Analytics

While you can’t see who viewed your profile, you can see how people interact with your tweets. Twitter Analytics provides insights into tweet impressions, engagements, and more. To access this, click on the “More” option on the left sidebar of your Twitter profile and select ‘Analytics.’

Follower Insights

You can also gain insights into your followers — their interests, locations, and when they are most active on Twitter. While this doesn’t directly reveal who has viewed your profile, it does give you a sense of who is interested in your tweets.

How Do I Protect My Twitter Profile from Unwanted Viewers?

There are several ways to protect your profile from unwanted views on Twitter.

  • Profile visibility settings. You can choose who can see the information on your profile.
  • Enable or disable tweet protection. This option sets who can read your tweets.
  • Blacklist. This is a list of unwanted contacts who can’t see any information about your profile.
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It’s worth noting that searching for third-party apps to see who viewed my Twitter account can lead you to viral and generally ill-intended networks.

Thus, scammers can try to steal not only your account and personal correspondence but also all the personal data stored on your computer or phone.

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