How to Reorder Instagram Highlights?

If you want to permanently preserve the stories you share on the Instagram platform, highlights are a very good way for you. You can also permanently keep the stories you want on your profile with highlights. Your followers will have the opportunity to review your stories when you enter your profile. But you should also have a good arrangement of Instagram highlights. In order to attract the attention of other users and make your profile look more aesthetic, you should proceed professionally in editing it.

So, are you wondering the answer to the question “How to reorder highlights on Instagram?” Then you are in the right place. The rest of the content includes details on how to edit your stories with highlights. If you want to regularly include your stories with highlights on your profile, start reviewing them

Changing the Order of Instagram Highlights 

Instagram does not allow you to edit the highlights of your stories. Therefore, you can use temporary solutions to edit some of the highlights. Thanks to your extra effort, you can edit your stories the way you want, with some restrictions. It is thought that Instagram will offer this arrangement for users in the future. However, until then, you can quickly achieve the order you want by trying the method in the article content.

How to Change the Order of Instagram Story Highlights? 

There is no direct way to edit highlights on Instagram. However, you can change the order of the highlight that you want to stay at the top by adding a new story. You can change the location by adding a new story to the highlights. However, it is not possible to customize the relocation for all highlighted items. You can try some options to reorder the answer to the question “how to move highlights on Instagram”. Here are the method steps you can try for this:

  1. For the highlights on your profile page, tap the ones you want to move to the top of your list.
  2. Go to the more option by clicking on the three dots at the bottom right of the screen. Here you should click on the Stories section for highlights. You can choose a random story of yours to add to your highlight. Make sure that this is a story you have shared before.
  3. After you tap Done, it will come to the front row because you added the story to the highlights.
  4. You can repeat these steps for other highlights and rearrange the order of the highlights.

You can also remove the newly added stories for Highlights later. In this way, you will find the solution to your how to move Instagram highlights question. If you want to have a compatible and visually high-quality profile for Real Instagram, you can try this method. Thanks to this method, you can create the layout you want for your highlights. Additionally, with this method, you can create the layout you want for your highlights. Additionally, if you want another improvement for your Instagram, you can increase the number of organic followers of your profile by experiencing the buy Instagram followers service.


As a result, you can customize your profile by rearranging it for Instagram highlights. Thanks to this customization, your highlights appear more organized. Even though there is currently no method for direct editing on Instagram, you can temporarily use the solution we shared with you in the article content. In this way, you can manually edit the highlights yourself.

You can have a more harmonious profile thanks to the highlights editing. Don’t forget that it is very important for that your stories are compatible with each other. You can attract the attention of your followers and other users by creating visually compatible highlights.

Is it possible to delete Instagram Story Highlights?

If you have created highlights on Instagram, it is possible to delete them. You can also delete it by selecting the highlight in your profile and clicking on the delete option. Thus, the highlights you created will be permanently deleted.

What happens if you add a new story to your highlight?

If you add a new story to any highlight you have selected, that highlight will come first in the highlighted list. In this way, you can ensure the relocation process.

Can more than one story be added to Instagram Story Highlights?

It is possible to add more than one of your Instagram stories to Highlights. To do this, simply select the highlight you want and click on the “Add Story” option to add it.

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