How to Ask a Question on Instagram? (Updated – 2023)

How to Ask a Question on Instagram? The question sticker in stories that Instagram has added in its latest update allows your followers to ask you questions, or ask questions on Instagram accounts story you follow. While there’s been such an effective way to interact with followers, if you’re also a business or brand account, there’s no reason not to use it.

Why Ask Questions on Instagram?

Giving your fans the opportunity to ask questions on Instagram stories can help you determine what they are interested in. Providing your followers to ask you questions in your Instagram stories will directly increase their interaction with you.

But when answering future questions, make sure you don’t give people the kind of answers they don’t like. It is good that you give them this right, but if you insult them with your answers, they may misunderstand you, and worse, they may upset you.

You don’t want to lose your followers, do you? And asking questions to the Instagram accounts you follow will guide them through the content they share.

  • Communicating with fans in some way will show that you care about them and give them a reason to continue to follow you. To ensure the continuity of your Instagram followers, sharing beautiful posts and interacting is not always enough.
  • You know that they shouldn’t just follow you, they need to keep doing that. So you can also check out other stickers on Instagram like this. If you don’t like any options, don’t worry. Fortunately, we have Instagram’s question sticker.

Is there a limit to the questions I can get in my Instagram stories?

No. You can even get a lot of questions in proportion to how many followers you have, and there’s no limit to that. We don’t know how many you answer, but there is no such limit.

How Can I Get People to Ask Me Questions on Instagram Stories?

To do so, just add a questioning sticker to the Instagram story you’ll share. Then people who see your Instagram story will touch this sticker and ask you a question. We can’t say that you can always get questions that you like, but you need to take this risk if you care about interaction. Now let’s move on to how you can do this.

  1. Take a photo or video to add to your story, or pull it out of your library. It is always better than the story you add the question sticker indicates that you are asking questions from your followers.
  2. Swipe your screen up. Here you will see some features that you can add to your stories, such as a clock, gif or icons. Assuming you’re wanting questions from your followers, you should select the question sticker.
  3. Once the question sticker has been added to your story, tap it again. Here you can leave a message to your followers before asking questions, such as “Ask me a question.”
  4. The question sticker will be white by default. At the bottom of the screen, you will see the color options that you can change. You can see more options by swiping left and right.
  5. Once you have selected color to your question sticker, all you have to do is share the story. As soon as you share the story, your followers will be able to see this sticker and ask you questions. Congratulations!
  6. Optional: You can also rotate this question sticker, hold it and drag it to another part of the screen. It’s up to you where you want this sticker to appear in your story.

How to Ask a Question on Instagram?

How Can I Ask a Question to Someone I Follow on Instagram?

We know you want to be able to ask a question, someone, you’re a fan of on Instagram. Luckily, Instagram’s question sticker gives you that. To do so, make sure that the person you are following adds a question sticker to his / her Instagram story.

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If you’ve seen the question sticker in a story on the Instagram account you’d like to ask a question, we can start to sort the steps on how to do it. But first, make sure that the question you ask the person you are following does not include hate speech. Aside from the possibility that this person will block you, you may even lose access to your account if this person reports you to Instagram.

  1. Go to the Instagram profile where you want to ask a question and open the story with the question sticker.
  2. Tap the question sticker and your keyboard will pop up. Make sure you have entered the question you want to ask correctly on this sticker.
  3. After confirming, your question will be successfully reached by this Instagram user you are following. Congratulations!
  4. Note: Remember that this person you are asking the question does not have to answer your question and may not. But if he/she answers, you can be aware of his profile from his stories again.

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