How to Unfollow on TikTok?

Being part of a large online community can have drawbacks as well as benefits. There could be various personal reasons for feeling disturbed by someone’s content. Fortunately, like many other social media platforms, TikTok offers a feature to enhance user experience. If you don’t want to see someone’s posts on your feed anymore, you can simply unfollow them. It will remove their posts from your feed. When you unfollow someone, you will no longer receive any updates or content from them on TikTok. So, let’s discover how to unfollow someone on TikTok and list some of the most common reasons to unfollow accounts.

Steps to Unfollow Someone on TikTok

When you follow someone on TikTok, you essentially subscribe to their account. It means that their videos will appear on your “Following” feed, making it easier for you to stay up-to-date with their latest content. Following someone on TikTok shows your support and interest in their videos. However, unfollowing someone on TikTok means you will no longer see their content on your feed. It’s as if you have removed them from your list of followed accounts. However, they will still be able to view and interact with your content unless you choose to block them. You need to follow some easy steps to unfollow on TikTok quickly. First, you need to locate the user’s profile you want to unfollow on TikTok, and then you should tap on the “following”  button.

Locating the User’s Profile

The first step is to locate the user’s profile to unfollow on TikTok. Follow these steps to find a user’s profile on TikTok:

  • Open the TikTok app on your device.
  • Open the Discover page by tapping the magnifying glass icon.
  • In the search bar at the top, enter the user’s username or display name you’re searching for.
  • When typing on TikTok, you will receive suggestions. Select the correct user from the search results.
  • Now, you can view their profile to see their videos, followers, and more.

Tapping the ‘Following’ Button

Once you locate the user’s profile, you can follow these steps to unfollow on TikTok:

  • Navigate to the profile of the person you want to unfollow on TikTok.
  • Tap the “Following” button to proceed.
  • When you tap on the button, a menu will pop up. You should select “Unfollow” from the options to confirm your choice.

It’s done! Now, you will no longer get any updates from that account.

Reasons to Unfollow Accounts on TikTok

But what are the reasons to unfollow someone on TikTok? Well, there are several reasons why someone might choose to unfollow on TikTok:

  • Changing Interests: People’s interests and preferences tend to change or develop as time passes. It’s normal for individuals to have evolving tastes and inclinations. Therefore, people may unfollow on TikTok if the content posted is no longer relevant to their current interests.
  • Overwhelming Feed: Following too many accounts on TikTok can be overwhelming. Some users unfollow accounts to simplify their feeds and focus on the content they enjoy most.
  • Decreasing Content Quality: If users find that the content shared by an account does not meet their standards or interests them less, they can unfollow on TikTok.
  • Limited Time: When time is limited, users may unfollow accounts on TikTok to prioritize valuable or entertaining content.
  • Personal Boundaries: Users may unfollow accounts that contain offensive or inappropriate content or content that violates their boundaries.
  • Inactive Accounts: If an account appears inactive or hasn’t posted new content in a while, users may unfollow it to keep their feed engaging.
  • Repetitive Content: If an account consistently posts similar or repetitive content, it may become boring for some users, causing them to unfollow.
  • Change in Values: Sometimes, users can realize that the values or ideas of an account no longer align with their own, leading them to unfollow.
  • Excessive Self-Promotion: If a TikTok account overwhelmingly advertises its services, products, or personal agenda, some users might find it unpleasant and choose to unfollow the account.
  • Privacy Concerns: Sometimes, users may unfollow TikTok accounts to maintain their privacy or restrict their exposure to some content or individuals.

Remember, unfollowing an account on TikTok is a personal choice, and everyone has reasons for curating and refreshing their TikTok feed. After all, maintaining a TikTok feed that suits your preferences and interests is essential for improving your experience on the platform.

Can I do a mass unfollow on TikTok?

Unfortunately, TikTok offers no feature allowing you to do a mass unfollow. You need to locate each user’s profile to unfollow them on TikTok. 

If you unfollow someone on TikTok, will they know?

No, the person you have unfollowed will not get a notification about the issue. However, they can notice you no longer engage with their content if they continue to follow you on TikTok.

Is there a daily follow limit on TikTok?

Yes, TikTok allows you to follow up to 200 accounts daily. TikTok maintains this limitation to offer the best experience and prevent spamming on the platform. If you exceed this amount, TikTok might temporarily restrict your account to avoid spamming.

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