How to Block Someone on Facebook: Get Rid of FB Friends (Updated – 2023)

Since its addition to our lives, Facebook has become an essential aspect of our social persona. Therefore, we usually give all of our private information to such networks without even second-guessing about it. However, there are ill-intended people out there, and you may need to block someone on Facebook to keep harassers away.

Not only that but there may also be some friends of yours, which you may wish to cut your ties with. First of all, this is something entirely normal and healthy. People change, and we stray to different ways in our lives. Therefore, it might be not that odd for an adult to do not have the enthusiasm for listening to your old classmates’ warmongering political views.

In that case, we should start blocking some unwanted people on Facebook and finally have some peace of mind.

How to Block a Friend on Facebook Anonymously

Blocking someone entirely, and ghosting them is relatively easy to accomplish if you know the correct buttons to click or tap. Additionally, you can unblock people just by removing them from your blocklist. From this list, you can browse all the users you ghosted on your Facebook experience.

However, there is some comparably fundamental information to grasp before blocking people.

how to block someone on Facebook

What Happens When You Block Someone on Facebook?

First of all, you should realize that blocking someone on Facebook is far dangerous than just unfriending them. You may even want to delete your account for a while if you feel threatened.

When you block someone they will no longer be able to do things such as tag you or see things you post on your timeline.

Facebook Help Center
  • If you block someone, they will be not allowed to view any part of your profile, and they will be unable to see your interactions.
  • Additionally, you will not be able to encounter any piece of information or image from their profile.
  • If you are already friends with the person you are going to block, this action will automatically unfriend the hell out of them.
  • It will not matter if the target user sends a search query for your Facebook profile. They will not see your account, and as you may guess, you cannot search for them either.
  • Do not forget that the blocked user will be able to see your profile when logged off from theirs. Therefore, it might be wise to change the privacy settings of your account.
  • Blocking someone will not delete or hide the conversation history between you and the target person. However, both parties cannot send new messages or calls to each other through Messenger.
how to block someone on Facebook

Block Someone on Facebook via PC

  1. Load up your favorite web browser on your personal computer and visit the official Facebook network.
  2. Use the search function to find and open the profile of the user you wish to block.
  3. When the profile loads entirely, click on the three-dotted ellipsis icon, which is near to the Message function.
  4. A drop-down menu with a rich list of options should appear. From there, you should click on ‘Block’ to proceed.
  5. An option will pop un your screen to let you cancel or confirm the decisive decision.
  6. In order to confirm your choice, click on the ‘Block’ section one more time.

Congratulations! You successfully blocked someone on Facebook, and you have nothing to fear. The blocked person will not get informed of your actions. Therefore, a possible discovery can take a lot of time and cause serious confusion.

Block Someone on Facebook via Mobile

  1. Open the regular Facebook app on any Android or iOS device you might think of. After that, you should log in with your credentials if you did not already.
  2. Bring up the search box at the top of the screen by simply tapping on it. Afterward, you should navigate through profiles to find your target.
  3. After you load the user’s account completely, browse through their profile, and tap on the three-dotted ellipsis icon.
  4. Tap on the ‘Block’ text on the appearing pop-up menu to proceed.
  5. You can confirm your decision to block a user on Facebook by tapping on the ‘Block’ option one last time. From now on, that particular person is blocked from your Facebook feed.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Yes, when you block someone from seeing and interacting with your account, you naturally unfriend them in the process automatically. Therefore, there should be no ties left you to ought to have with them.

Facebook blocks are not permanent or temporary, but the actions are manageable. Therefore when you block someone, the person will stay that way as long as you keep them in your blocked list. You can unblock them at any time you want.

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